Have a Happy Holiday of Merry Christmas Enjoy!

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Christmas That Magic Blanket That Wraps,
Itself About Us,
That Something So Intangible,
That It Is Like A Fragrance,
It May Weave A Spell Of Nostalgia
Christmas May Be A Day Of Feasting,
Or Of Prayer,
But Always It Will Be,
A Day Of Remembrance,
A Day In Which We,
Think Of Everything We Have Ever Loved,
Merry Christmas Have a Nice X-Mas!!! :)

Somehow, Not Only For Christmas,
But All The Long Year Through,
The Joy That You Give to Others,
Is The Joy That Comes Back to You,
And The More You Spend in Blessing,
The Poor and Lonely And Sad,
The More of Your Heart's Possessing,
Returns to You Glad.
Happy Christmas :)

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Joy Resounds in the Hearts of Those,
Who Believe in The Miracle of Christmas!
Wishing You All the Peace,
Joy And Love Of the Season!
Season's Greetings!
Merry Christmas ! :)

Don't Expect too Much of Christmas Day,
You Can't Crowd Into It Any Arrears of,
Unselfishness And Kindliness That,
May have Accrued During the Past Twelve Months,
Have a Amazing Christmas ! :)

Faith Makes All Things Possible,
Hope Makes All Things Work,
Love Makes All Things Beautiful,
May You have All The Three For This Christmas.

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Let Christmas Not Become A Thing,
Merely Of Merchant's Trafficking,
Of Tinsel, Bell And Holly Wreath,
And Surface Pleasure,
But Beneath The childish Glamour,
Let Us Find Nourishment For Soul And Mind,
Let Us Follow Kinder Ways,
Through Our Teeming Human Maze,
And Help The Age Of Peace To Come,
From A Dreamer's Martyrdom,
Happy Christmas to you my friend 8)

People Can't Concentrate Properly On Blowing,
Other People To Pieces If Their Minds Are,
Poisoned By Thoughts Suitable To The Twenty Fifth Of December,
Merry Christmas Dear!!! :)

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Merry Christmas Indeed,
I had Thought Happy Christmas was a British thing,
As I heard It in the Late 80s while I was Living There,
If it is the Media,
Damn them and Lumps of Coal in their Stockings.
Enjoy Christmas ! 8)

It was Always said of Him,
That he Knew how to keep Christmas well,
If any man Alive Possessed the Knowledge,
May that be Truly said of Us,
And all of Us!
And So, as Tiny Tim observed,
“God Bless Us, Every One!
Happily Christmas ! 8)

On This Christmas,
Remember the Joy That You Give to Others,
Is the Joy that Comes Back To You,
So be Joyful and Make Others Joyful Too!
Merry X-mas :)

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May this Christmas End the Present Year on,
A Cheerful note and Make way for a Fresh and,
Bright New Year,
Here's Wishing You a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year 2015! 8)

For The Lord,
Your God had made It Possible For You,
to See The Month of December!
So Shall All Impossibility In Your Will Be Possible!
Wishing You Merry x-mas!! :)

Christmas Gift Ideas, Suggestions:
To Your Enemy, Forgiveness,
To an Opponent, to Tolerance,
To a Friend, Your Heart,
To a Customer, Service,
To All, Charity,
To Every Child, a Good Example,
To Yourself, Respect,
Happy x-mas :)

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A Lovely Thing About Christmas,
Is that It's Compulsory,
Like a Thunderstorm,
And We All Go Through It Together,
A Sweet Angel Wishing You X-Mas,
Enjoy Holidays Happy Christmas ! 8)

Lets Welcome the Year Which is Fresh And New,
Lets Cherish each Moment it Beholds,
Lets Celebrate This Blissful New Year
Merry X-mas ! :)

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