Girl Accepts Your Friend Request on Facebook or Twitter ?

Beautiful Girl Using Facebook on Laptop

When a Girl Accepts Your Friend Request on Facebook... :?
It means She Accepted Your "Friendship" Not Your "Proposal"...
When a Girl sends you a Friend Request,
It means She wants to be Your Friend not Your Girlfriend :P
When She Tag You,
It means She wants to Share her Thoughts with You,
And not that She's Lost in Your Thoughts..
When she comments on Your status,
It means She's just being Social 'n not Flirting...
When She Like Your Comment,
It means She like Your Comment not You.! :P

Girl Before Finding Her Love She Thought: ;)
He Should Love me More & More Everyday,
He Should Never Let me Sad,
He Should Always Understand me...
He Should be Perfect for me!! 8)

After Finding Her Boyfriend: 8)
So What If He is Not Loving me Unconditional, I Understand & Love him Anyway,
So What If He is Sometimes makes me sad, That is OK, Still He is the Best for me!
So What If He is Not Fully Understanding me, I will Understand Him,
So What If He is Not Perfect, I am Not Perfect too! :P

Sweet Girl on Beach using Laptop

Girl Asking Question to Her Boy Friend on Twitter :?
If I Reached for your Hand, will You hold it :?
If I Hold out my Arms, will You Hug me :?
If I Go for Your Lips, will You kiss me :?
If I Capture Your Heart, will You Love me :?

To Make Someone Feel Really Very Special, :)
Just Say To Them...
“You are The Chocolate At
The End Of My Cornet”

My Love,
Words However Special...
Could Never Even Start,
To Tell You All The Love,
I have for You within my Heart! 8)

beautiful couples do Romance

A Candle may Melt,
And Its Fire may Die,
But The Love You Have Given me,
Will Always Stay as a Flame in my Heart ! :)

True Fact or Heart Touching Lines: 8)
When a Girl Cries for a Guy,
It means she Really Misses Him,
But when a Guy cries for a Girl,
It means no 1 can Love that Girl more than Him :)

baby boy girl kissing pics hd free

A Small Boy n Girl were Playing HIDE N SEEK.
She Sent SMS: If You find me, You can Marry me...
If You cant, I wont Tell You that I am hiding Near the Door :P :)

Your Girlfriend is The most Unique Person in your Life, :)
So take the Time to Let her know how much She means to You.
Men Always send Loving or Romantic sms to her Girl Friend.
Because he Always Try to Convince Her and Show His Sincerity and Love !

I Don't know Where I stand with You, :|
& I Don't Know What I mean 2 You,
But All I Know is Every time I think of You Only,
All I wanna do is be with You all Life.

girl using Laptop while Sleeping

As The One Who BROKE My Heart,
As The One Who TAUGHT Me,
To LIVE With Broken Heart,

My Eyes are Blind without Your Eyes to See,
Like a Rose without Color,
My Soul is Shattered without Your Arms to Hold me,
Like a Mirror Without a Reflection,
Always be There in My Life Sweetheart. :)

cute girl using laptop hd wallpaper

If She is an Apple and You are an Orange,
Celebrate your Differences,
Make a Great Fruit salad,
Love is not About being the same,
Its About being Sweet with each other. :)

My love For You is Like Water, :)
Falling Countless,
The Beating of My Heart, 8)
For You is so Heavy and Soundless,
The Feeling of Being in Your Arm is so
Precious and Endless.

amazing girl listen song on headphone

What is Cute Feeling In Love: :)
Girl will be Thinking About Boyfriend,
Suddenly a Message Beeps From Her Mobile Saying,
Honey Stop Thinking About me...
Yah I am Getting Hick-ups. :P

Sometimes, :?
Missing is More Precious than being Together,
We Miss only Those People Who We Never want to MISS…!!

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