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Husband wife bank money jokes

Wife called her husband,
Wife: honey where are you?
Husband: I'm at the bank.
Wife: dear, please I need 3000 rupees to activate my blackberry,
5000 to do my hair and,
10,000 Rupees to buy a dress,
Husband: sorry, I meant I was at the "bank" of a river.
Do you want fish to cook?

Banta Car Loan Jokes

A Banta bought a car on loan from a bank. He didn't pay the dues;
The bank took away his car.
Funny Banta: If I knew this, I'd have taken a loan for my marriage also!

Banta bank ATM jokes

A Banta was withdrawing money from ATM.
The Sardar behind him in the line said,
"Ha! Ha! Haaa! I've seen your password. Its 4 asterisks (****).
The first Banta replies, "Ha! Ha! Haaa! You are wrong. It’s 1258."

Bank Clerk funny jokes

A lady was newly appointed as a clerk in a bank.
The manager of that branch was fond of Literature and books.
He asked the clerk, “Do you know William Shakespeare?" The clerk replied, “No. In which branch is he working?"
After that the manager only asks her about cheques and drafts.

Motu Patlu Singham sir jokes

Motu lost his cheque book,
Bank manager: Be careful, anyone can put your sign.
Motu: I am not fool, i have already signed all the cheques.
Please sign the back of the cheque, 'the teller told her, 'as you'd sign a letter.

Banta Bank Dream Jokes

Banta had a dream in which someone murdered him.
Next day he closed his bank account. Know why?
Because the bank's slogan was:
We make your dreams come true...!

Motu patlu And Singham Jokes

Gang of Motu-Patlu broke a bank, but instead of cash they find
Bottles of chilled red wine...
Happily they drink and left,
Next day headline…
Braking News:-
"Blood Bank Robbed"

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